James Meadow is recently back from the American Society for Microbiology meeting in Boston, MA, where he was speaking in a special session called “We Are Not Alone: Microbial Revelations of the Built Environment.” The session was filled with really interesting talks ranging from Legionella in school buses to fungi in restrooms to biofilms in drinking water pipes. The organizers were generous enough to let us post a link to all session videos for free!

The speakers and starting times:

0:00 – Microbes across Human Cultures. Maria Dominguez-Bello;

30:40 – Automobile Windshield Washer Fluid: a Novel Source of Exposure to Legionella. David Schwake

47:53 – Network Analysis of the Indoor Dust Microbiome in CHILD Study Homes in Winnipeg, Manitoba. James Scott

1:02:20 – Can We Use Architectural Design to Influence the Built Environment Microbiome? James Meadow

1:28:26 – Characterization of the Public Restroom Mycobiome Using the Internal Transcribed Spacer. Jennifer Fouquier

1:43:51 – Characterization of Drinking Water Distribution System Biofilm Communities Using Next-Generation Illumina Sequencing. Kimi Gomez-Smith

2:02:22 – Toward Real-Time Bioaerosol Characterization: Developments for in situ Optical Recognition of Airborne Microbes. Mark Hernandez

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