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November 2014.  “The Indoor Microbiome” presentation by Jessica Green at the Ontario Hospital Association’s 90th annual Health Achieve conference.

October 2014.  The Microbial Ecology and Theory Animals (META) Center for Systems Biology at the University of Oregon.  James Meadow & Jessica Green, Invited Speakers. 

September 2014.  Capturing the Human Microbial Cloud” poster presented at Oregon BESTFEST, Portland, OR.

September 2014.  Clouds in a Box”, video presented at Oregon BESTFEST 2014, Portland, OR (  Judged best research video.

September 2014.  Keynote speaker, “Construction in the Built Environment and Healthcare Associated Infections”, Department of Veteran Affairs.  Jessica Green, Keynote speaker. 

July 2014.  Indoor Air Hong Kong.  James Meadow, Invited Speaker. 

June 2014.  ASM special session (Boston, MA) entitled  “We Are Note Alone: Microbial Revelations of the Built Environment” James Meadow, Invited speaker.

June 2014.  Urban Microbiome Pilot Study: Parks vs. Parking Lots” poster at the Sloan Symposium, Boulder, CO.

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June 2014.  Adapting to Adaptation: Built Environment Microbiomes and Climate Change” presented by Gwynne Mhuireach to the Society of Building Science Educators 2014 Retreat, Biosphere 2, Oracle, AZ, co-presented with Jonathan Eisen.

June 2014.  “Research Empowers Transformation”, presentation by G.Z. Brown at AIA National Convention 2014, Chicago, IL, co-presented with Kent Duffy, FAIA, LEED AP, and Jeff Yrazabal, AIA, LEED BD+C.

June 2014.  Cities Unseen: how we influence indoor microbial ecosystems”, Institute of Biology, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France.  Jessica Green, Speaker.

May 2014.  Architectural Speculations on Microbial Ecology“, lecture presented by Jeff Kline to University of Oregon Architecture class ARCH 496/596 “The Window”.

May 2014.  Sequence the City: Metagenomics in the Era of Big Data, IBM-Research, Almaden, San Jose, CA.  Jessica Green, Invited Speaker.

April 2014.  AAAS Meeting on Microbiomes of the Built Environment.  Jessica Green, Invited Speaker.

February 2014.  Laboratoire d’Ecologie, Systematique et Evolution, l’Universite Paris-Sud a Orsay.  “The Ecology and Evolution of Indoor Microbial Systems”.  Jessica Green.


December 2013.  Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition (ICAN) Conference in Paris, France.  “Microbiome science: applications to human, social and urban systems”.  Jessica Green.

November 2013.  Centre INRA de Jouy-En-Josas, Paris, France.  “The microbiome: from people to places.  Jessica Green.

October 2013. American Association for Aerosol Research 32nd Annual Conference. Ann M. Womack, Invited Speaker.

September 2013. Oregon BEST FEST 2013, Cleantech Innovation Conference. G.Z. Brown, Terry Blomquist, Jeff Kline, Dale Northcutt, Gwynhwyfer Mhuireach, Jason Stenson, Maxwell Moriyama, Daniel Aughenbaugh, and Mark Fretz. Poster presentations describing work of BioBE, and tours of the “Climate Chamber”.

August 2013. AIA Research Summit, Detroit, Michigan. G.Z. Brown, invited speaker and working group participant.

August 2013. Ecological Society of America Meeting. James Meadow, Invited speaker.

August 2013. Ecological Society of America. Adam Altrichter, Ignite presentation.

July 2013. Gordon Research Conference, Applied and Environmental Microbiology. James Meadow, Invited Speaker.

June 2013. Society of Building Science Educators. “Measuring the Building Microbiome.” G.Z. Brown and Gwynne Mhuireach, workshop.

June 2013. AIA national conference, Denver, Colorado. “Leadership for Affordable, VERY High-Performance Buildings” G.Z. Brown, presentation.

May 2013. Sloan Symposium. “Inventing Building Microbiomes”. G.Z. Brown and Jessica Green, presentation.

May 2013.  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Jessica Green, Invited Speaker.

May 2013. American Society for Microbiology Meeting. James Meadow, Invited Speaker. 

April 2013. Climate Chamber presentation for Mazzetti (engineering consulting firm) and Mackenzie Group (architecture and engineering firm). G.Z. Brown.

February 2013. Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Portland, Oregon. “Occupant Behavior Forum”. G.Z. Brown, workshop.

February 2013.  TED Long Beach.  Jessica Green, Invited Speaker.


  • November 2012. Green Build Conference, San Francisco. “Get with the Program! Programming for Sustainability”. G.Z. Brown, presentation.
  • October 2012.  U.S. Army Skin Microbiota Workshop, Boulder, CO. Invited participation by Brendan Bohannan and Ashley Bateman.
  • October 2012.  QIIME/VAMPS workshop, Boulder, CO. Invited presentation by James Meadow representing the BioBE Center.
  • October 2012.  University of Oregon Board of Trustees faculty talks. Invited presentation by Jessica Green about the BioBE Center.
  • September 2012.  Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics Meeting 2012:  Microbiology of the Built Environment Session.  Invited presentation by James Meadow “Architectural influences on the built environment microbiome
  • August 2012.  Symposium entitled “The Great Indoors” at the 96th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, Portland, OR. Brendan Bohannan Organizer and Moderator.  Jessica Green invited presentation “Buildings as metacommunities”.  Adam Altrichter, Holly Arnold, and Ashley Bateman attended.
  • July 2012.  Healthy Buildings Conference in Brisbane, Australia.  Gwynhwyfer Mhuireach invited presentation “The relationship between ventilation energy use and indoor microbial communities”. 
  • July 2012.  BioFutures Conference, Washington, DC. James Meadow invited presentation “Architectural influences on the built environment microbiome“.
  • June 2012.  Symposium entitled “The Great Indoors” at the 112th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, San Francisco, CA.  Brendan Bohannan moderator.
  • May 2012.  National Academy of Sciences Symposium on Science, Innovation, and Partnerships for Sustainability Solutions, Washington, DC.   Brendan Bohannan invited participant.
  • May 2012.  “Microbes and the Modern World: From the Globe to the Gut” lecture series organized by Graduate Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Students, University of Oregon.  Jessica Green public lecture “The ecology of indoor environments”.
  • May 2012.  Inaugural conference on the Microbiology of the Built Environment, Boulder, CO.  BioBE Center invited presentation and participation.
  • April 2012.  “Microbes and the Modern World: From the Globe to the Gut” lecture series organized by Graduate Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Students, University of Oregon. Brendan Bohannan public lecture “A scientist in who-ville: new perspectives on the invisible world of microbes”. 
  • April 2012.  TEDMED Washington D.C. Jessica Green and Keith Herkert invited participants.
  • April 2012.  Department of Biology, University of Idaho.  Steve Kembel invited talk “Microbiology of the built environment“.
  • April 2012.  TEDxPortland. Jessica Green invited talk “Good germs make healthy buildings”.
  • March 2012.  TED Long Beach. Jessica Green invited participant.
  • February 2012.  University of Oregon Architecture Department Graduate Research Forum. Max Moriyama and Gwynne Mhuireach invited poster.
  • February 2012.  Department of Biology, McGill University. Steve Kembel invited talk “Architecture and the ecology of indoor microbes“.


  • September 2011.  “Can Buildings be Designed and Operated to Manage Microbiomes to Promote Human Health and Sustainability?” – Poster, Terry Blomquist. 2011 Oregon BEST Fest, Portland, Oregon.
  • August 2011.  “The impact of architectural design on the microbial diversity of the built environment” – Invited talk, Brendan Bohannan.  96th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America.  Austin, Texas.
  • August 2011.  “Metabolically active bacteria in the atmosphere revealed by RNA-based community composition” – Poster, Ann Womack.  Ecological Society of America 2011. Austin, Texas.
  • August 2011.  “The ecology of indoor environments: microbial biodiversity and sustainable well being” – Public Lecture, Jessica Green.  Santa Fe Institute.
  • July 2011.  “Are we filtering the wrong microbes?” – Invited talk, Jessica Green.  TED Global.  Ediburgh, Scotland.
  • June 2011.  “Architectural design shapes the built environment microbiome” – Invited talk, Brendan Bohannan.  12th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate.  Austin, Texas.
  • April 2011.  “Promoting human health and sustainability with microbial genomics” – Invited talk, Jessica Green.  First Annual Research Exchange on Advancing Patient, Worker and Environmental Safety and Sustainability in the Health Care Sector.  CleanMed.  Phoenix, Arizona.
  • April 2011.  “The built environment microbiome” – Invited talk, Steven Kembel. Department of Biology, University of Idaho.
  • February 2011.  “Understanding the Microbiomes of Sustainable Buildings” – Invited talk, G.Z. Brown. Department of Biology, University of Oregon.

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