AutoDesk Project Cyborg in NYTimes

Autodesk’s “Project Cyborg” is hoping to make a splash at this week’s TED Conference in Long Beach, CA and is featured in a¬†NYTimes article. Project Cyborg is described as “a Web-based software platform for delivering a range of services...

BioBE and Autodesk join forces

Jessica Green at TED 2012 from BioBE Center. Jessica Green looks forward to continuing work with Ramtin Attar at Autodesk Research on Project Biodasher . She will visit Carlos Olguin in the San Francisco office to discuss visualization tools for the built environment...

BioBE Center at TED 2012

The BioBE Center is working with the Autodesk Dasher Project to visualize microbiological data in the built environment.  Go here for a brief demo of Jessica Green interfacing with Project Dasher at TED2012.

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