Biology and the built environment

Now conducting COVID- 19 Building research

Is your building safe? Participate in our COVID- 19 research to find out. Using environmental testing, we can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies to reduce disease transmission risk indoors.

At BioBE We:

Develop hypothesis-driven, evidence-based approaches to better understand the microbiome of the built environment

Research with the goal of improving human health and environmental sustainability

Collaborate with industry partners and our allied organizations, The Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory and The Institute for Health in the Built Environment

One of our sister organizations, the Institute for Health in the Built Environment, has been working hard researching how we can reclaim our society in a COVID world. The main focus is testing exhaust air for the virus and take that information to do more human testing and spatial testing of the built environments we spend majority of our lives in. Understanding and testing for what we cannot see with the naked eye allows us to be more proactive. This doesn’t just stop with COVID-19 either, this technique allows for testing of exhaust air for other viruses like influenza. The big picture is that this allows for safer stability in reopening, as well as a future of combating viruses beyond the medical field by testing exhaust air throughout our workplaces, schools, etc.

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Recent News

BioBE is launching a campaign to test buildings for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Because buildings are the engine of our economy, we should do whatever we can to reduce the risk of indoor transmission.  As we consider further opening our economy, and therefore occupy more buildings, we should begin routine testing of our buildings for SARS-CoV-2....

COVID-19 and the Built Environment

As corporate entities, city, county, state and federal governments around the world take action against the spread of COVID-19, the built environment has been thrust onto center stage with a prominent role. Therefore, the unique expertise of researchers at the...

02/15/2020 Remembering GZ Brown

With the recent passing of one of our dearest members, founders and influencers; we are remembering GZ “Charlie” Brown with high regards knowing how much he impacted architecture and everyone around him throughout his life. Specifically, his time here at the...

Latest Publication from BioBE!

This past January 2020, the publication How Light Exposure Changes Bacterial Communities in Household Dust was published under new discovery at Frontiers for Young Minds. The full article can be read here on their website. Rosenberg, S., Ishaq, S., May, J., and...

Review on health in the built environment

Hot off the press, a new review on health in the built environment is available today!  The article is found here, but an open-access, view-only version is available here.  It's part of the Healthy Building special issue from the Journal of Exposure Science &...

Publication on the urban microbiome

Dr. Gwynne Mhuireach published one of the chapters from her dissertation, on evaluating bacteria found in air from vegetated or paved areas in an urban setting! Mhuireach, G.Á., Betancourt-Román, C.M., Green, J.L., Johnson B.R. 2019. Spatiotemporal controls on the...

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