Biology and the built environment

At BioBE We:

Develop hypothesis-driven, evidence-based approaches to better understand the microbiome of the built environment

Research with the goal of improving human health and environmental sustainability

Collaborate with industry partners and our allied organizations, The Energy Studies in Building Laboratory and The Insitute for the Health of the Built Enviornment

Recent News

Congratulations to Our Graduates!

As our graduates begin their careers in various fields, we want to congratulate them on their contributions to the science and design communities. They have been an essential part of BioBE and ESBL, helping to mold environmental design. We wish them all the best!...

Design the Unseen Course

For his first teaching assignment at the University of Oregon, Mark Fretz taught an advanced technology course to architectural students at the University of Oregon, Portland, called "Design the Unseen".  Mark is the Director of Knowledge Exchange at the Institute for...

A perspective on tackling contamination in microbial ecology

To study DNA or RNA, there are a number of "wet-lab" (laboratory) and "dry-lab" (analysis) steps which are required to access the genetic code from inside cells, polish it to a high-sheen such that the delicate technology we rely on can use it, and then make sense of...

BioBE Receives New UO-OHSU Seed Funding Award

BioBE has received funding for a new project as part of the new University of Oregon - Oregon Health Sciences University (UO-OHSU) Collaborative Seed Grant Program! BioBE's Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, and Dr. Bob Martindale, Professor of Surgery, Chief of...

Open Post-Doc position with BioBE!

BioBE (and ESBL) are looking for a post doc to come join our dynamic group of interdisciplinary scholars.!  Application and details here. Department: ESBL/BioBE Rank: Postdoctoral Scholar Annual Basis: 12 Month Review of Applications Begins June 26, 2018; open until...

BioBe is Heading to the Gordon Research Conference on the Microbiology of the Built Environment

BioBE is heading to the Gordon Research Conference on the Microbiology of the Built Environment! Jessica L. Green, our co-director, will be Vice Chair, leading the conference next to environmental engineering expert, Chair Jordan Peccia. While enjoying the New England...

Biology and the built environment center

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