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BioBE: a ‘Creative Remix’

Eric Berlow and Sean Gourley’s recent TED talk entitled “Mapping ideas worth spreading” discusses their application of ecological networks to demonstrate how the catalog of 24,000 TED talks are connected globally. Around minute 5:15 in the video, they begin to talk about how to discover some of the most ‘creative and interesting’ ideas by finding talks that explore a ‘creative remix’ of fields — for example, genetics and cities. Jessica Green’s TEDxPortland talk and other built environment related talks are held up as prime examples of this innovation.

Jessica Green Talks “Bioinformed Design” at TED

Jessica Green’s most recent TED talk is now available — she talks about how our current building design is unconsciously designing the built environment microbiome. With some great data visualizations from a collaboration with Autodesk she discusses using “bioinformed design” to intentionally structure microbial communities around us.

AutoDesk Project Cyborg in NYTimes

Autodesk’s “Project Cyborg” is hoping to make a splash at this week’s TED Conference in Long Beach, CA and is featured in a NYTimes article. Project Cyborg is described as “a Web-based software platform for delivering a range of services like molecular modeling and simulation.”

The BioBE Center has been working with Project Cyborg to visualize microbial ecosystems in the built environment, work that Jessica Green will present at the TED conference as well.

Indoor Ecology featured at TEDxPortland

TEDxPortland invited the BioBE Center to speak about indoor ecology and our most recent research at the Lillis Business Complex.  This event was extraordinary.  Featured speakers included architect Gene Sandoval who designed the award winning  John E. Jacqua Academic Center at the University of Oregon and 11-year old skateboarder Gavin Davison who has a vision to design the world’s most awesome indoor skateboard park in Portland, Oregon.  Sustainable Business Oregon wrote up a thoughtful article about the BioBE Center’s mission.

Nike supported the meeting in many ways, including giving speakers shoes with insoles that featured the meeting’s theme:  Unchartered Territory.