BioBE participated in the Microbiology of the Built Environment Session at the Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomics Meeting (September 16-20, 2012). James Meadow shared some exciting new BioBE results from a study at the Lillis Business Complex, detailing the influences of architectural design and human occupancy on airborne microbial communities over time. A great summary of the session is described on the microBEnet blog. The session was also followed by many on Twitter who were unable to attend, and the rousing feed from the meeting is here. The built environment session consisted of a great mix of topics including microbial dispersal in buildings, archaeal nitrogen cycling in managed aquatic systems, viral communities in public restrooms, fungi in the built environment, and Pseudomonas cultures from homes. This session definitely piqued curiosity about built environment microbiology, as conversations for the rest of the conference often turned to indoor microbial ecology. Thanks to Jeffrey Miller and his lab for organizing an excellent meeting, and to the Sloan Foundation for sponsoring the built environment session!

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