HERC 2017

BioBE is gearing up for the second-annual Industry Consortium event on May 17th and 18th in Portland.  Last year, BioBE and ESBL held the inaugural Health + Energy Research Consortium event in May 2017, which brought researchers and practitioners into one room to talk about challenges in the built environment field and how to design healthier, more sustainable buildings.

With the recent launch of the Institute for Health in the Built Environment, the University of Oregon’s BioBE, ESBL, and Baker Lighting Labs have formalized the infrastructure to foster the amazing collaboration between science and architecture, buildings and health, research and design.  The meeting in May, now called BuildHealth 2018 Industry Consortium Meeting, will showcase current work from BioBE, ESBL, and Baker Lab students, researchers, and faculty, followed by in-depth group discussions on these topics and identifying potential avenues for future research.  Consortium member participants will get a closer look at some of the research tools and equipment that the Institute has to offer, as well as opportunities for networking and informing the future priorities into built environment research.

BuildHealth2018 Meeting Announced

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