As our graduates begin their careers in various fields, we want to congratulate them on their contributions to the science and design communities. They have been an essential part of BioBE and ESBL, helping to mold environmental design. We wish them all the best!

Andrew Loia- Master of Architecture

Andrew has worked on design teams for Eugene’s proposed City Hall, and for Springfield’s proposed CLT parking garage. He’s helped  research the impact of CLT and other timber finishes in terms of comfort, acoustics, and even using molecular biology to study impacts on air quality. He directed the design of an innovative app that allowed  building inhabitants to give real-time feedback on how they felt in the space. Working at ESBL has allowed him to “explore and analyze different avenues of building performance, and understand what it takes to make sound and through assessment, [which will be skills he values] for the rest of his career”. Starting in July, Andrew will begin his architecture career as a designer at FFA Architecture + Interiors in Portland, OR.

Dr. Gwynne Mhuireach- Microbial Biology, Landscape Architecture

BioBE’s Gwynne just earned her doctorate in landscape architecture, focusing on microbial biology in the outdoor built environment. During her graduate studies, she worked in the BioBE lab creating everything from daylighting models to microbial sampling to grant writing. She even led a workshop for SRG architects to learn about microbial sampling, helping to further intertwine the fields of architecture and biology. Gwynne credits BioBE and ESBL with setting her on the path to her PhD, saying that “[ESBL’s] partnership with biology was the most influential thing” in her academic career. She has applied for the Postdoctoral Scholar position with BioBE and we hope to see more of her in the future!

Paul Ward- Master of Architecture

Paul’s time at ESBL has enabled him to establish myriad connections within the architecture field, launching his exploration into different aspects of the profession. Paul has actively changed the University of Oregon for the better. He worked for ESBL creating campus energy initiatives that gained interdisciplinary attention and have improved building performance on campus. He plans to continue working with Campus Operations on campus energy improvement for a while, and then to move on to his future architecture career.

Serena Lim- Master of Architecture

As a Research Fellow at ESBL, Serena focused on human visual comfort and the development and testing of a glare mitigation tool. More recently, she worked on graphic and web design for ESBL and led a team of students focused on lab-improvement. She plans to integrate her passions for art and environmental sustainability into a career of researched-based design!

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