Welcome to our New Wet Lab Manager: Leslie Dietz

A bold new addition to the BioBE family, we would like to welcome our new Wet Lab Manager, Leslie Dietz! She will be overseeing all new projects and day to day lab work, teaching students, collecting data and processing samples. Leslie has a molecular biology and...
Your Microbiome and Your Phone

Your Microbiome and Your Phone

Written by Samantha Velazquez, Edited by Mira Zimmerman and Sue Ishaq If you were to guess what someone might be carrying in their pockets, a cell phone would be a safe choice.  It is almost not a guess at all; these days it is rare to be surrounded by people and not...

Welcome Back Gwynne!

BioBE is warmly welcoming back Gwynne Mhuireach, but this time as a Postdoctoral Researcher! She earned her PhD in Landscape Architecture this spring, focusing on outdoor microbiology. As a doctoral candidate, she worked for BioBE on projects including daylighting...

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